Why We Chose TN Security for Window Film


Our family has been longtime customers of both TN Security and Team Nutz, TN Security’s parent company. Over the past 10 years, we’ve come to trust both companies with our home and cars. When we recently made an investment in wooden plantation shutters for the second floor of our home, we knew we had to do something to protect them. Our house has a perfect southern exposure. While there’s an upside – bright and cherry sunlit rooms – the downside is that the sun “bakes” everything that it touches, including those nice new shutters. We did a some research about window film. It’s the GREEN choice.  Window film also offers aesthetic protection from UV radiation that could cause damage to our furniture, upholstery and wood finishes. Heat gain is reduced by 82 percent, leading to more comfort, lower utility bills (20% to 30% savings) and less glare (up to 80%) —all without darkening my bright home, plus offering a crystal-clear view. Another bonus is my return on investment is one year. Beyond the trust factor, the reason we went with TN Security and not another company was because of their technicians. Adhering window film is tricky business. TN Security has factory-trained techs, who did a GREAT job on the installation AND the cleanup. Thanks to TN Security for another great job very well done.


The Levy Family



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Like Sunglasses for Your Windows


“I purchased nearly $20,000 in new draperies and plantation shutters for my home. It was quite an investment. But I realized, after the fact, that the front of my house had a perfect southern exposure. The sun was unrelenting and harsh (perhaps I should’ve invested in solar panels!). It occurred to me that I couldn’t let the sun bake and fade my new window coverings over time. That’s when I called T.N. Security.”

~Jenny, Glenshaw, PA

Natural light is one of the most lovely and desirable features of a home or office. But there’s an ugly side to the sun. It can expose it occupants – people, furniture, artwork, carpet, and drapes  —  to its brutal effects. It can fade all the interior contents with its punishing rays. Protect your interiors with window film from T.N. Security.  Available in commercial, residential and security grades, window film is installed directly onto your window’s surface, thereby eliminating hot spots and glare. Window film filters 82% of the heat and 99% of damaging UV rays. It can also save you money on your air-conditioning bill by absorbing the solar heat in the summer and on your heating bills in the winter.  T.N. Security is a dealer of Johnson Window Films. All window film is professionally installed by our trained techs. Immediately feel the benefit of window film in your office, car or RV, T.N. Security can help. Contact us now for an appointment.

Camera Systems Help You Keep an Eye on Your Home or Business






If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll want to protect what’s likely your largest investment from theft and vandalism. Our wide selection of night vision (infrared), dome and outdoor (bullet) cameras, as well as integrated camera solutions, can give you the peace-of-mind you need to make sure your family and property are safe. The flexible, open and integrated solutions we offer consist of network cameras and DVRs which store images captured by the cameras.

Among the best cameras on the market is the Honeywell IP, which synchs up with your smartphone for 24/7 monitoring.

When it comes to CCTV cameras, DVRs, access control systems and other CCTV and access control peripherals, EverFocus is among the leaders.

The same kinds of products and solutions we offer to homeowners are also available to businesses.

If you’re not sure what types of cameras are best for your home or business, how many you need, where they should be installed, and what type of remote monitoring is best, relax. Our experienced team can help you determine which equipment and solutions would be most effective for your specific video surveillance requirements, regardless of whether you’re looking to improve security in a residential or commercial setting.

For a free, no-obligation assessment of your residential or commercial video surveillance requirements, contact TN Security or call 412.882.8346 in Castle Shannon or 412.967.0460 in Fox Chapel.

Proper Home Security System Selection & Installation Requires Professional Expertise

CCTV Security Camera

Even if you’re a DIY-er, home security is one area where it’s best to rely on a professional. That’s because a professional knows:

  • Best locations for placement of surveillance cameras, security lighting, door & window sensors, and motion detectors
  • How to install a system correctly
  • How to best maintain & upgrade a system so it stays current with technology & best monitoring practices

What’s more, a professionally installed system can get you discounts on your homeowner’s insurance premiums, unlike ones that are self-installed. The most effective systems are tied to a third-party reporting service that verifies a disturbance or false alarm by contacting you and, if necessary, the police. The most modern systems are also capable of taking video or photos of monitored rooms, making it easier for police to bring intruders to justice.

With advances in technology, a home security system can be wireless, eliminating the need for drilling & patching walls & ceilings that hard-wired systems require. That is, unless a wired system is installed when a home is being built.

By operating the system remotely from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can adjust settings, as well as see that your family and property are safe while you’re at work, travelling or out for the evening.

Some systems also enable you to use your mobile devices to remotely control indoor & outdoor lighting, as well as your garage door, thermostat and appliances.

With so many options available, tell us about your specific needs so we can recommend home security systems based on your requirements and budget.

The Lowdown on High Quality TV Surround Sound Systems


There are many cost-effective TV surround sound systems on the market with a wide range of customizable features for high quality sound. Most connect to several audio sources such as TV, laptop, MP3 player, Bluetooth, and USB via the stereo RCA input.

A new development in the sound system discussion is the integration of home assistants like Google Home, Google Alexa and Apple Homepod, which you can use as a soundbar or communicate with your TV. With a typical home theater system, a remote control or a display regulates volume and sound balance for the very best in listening pleasure.

There are center-channel front speaker systems, side speaker systems mounted to the wall, speakers placed on bookcases or floor-standing models. These are mainly in a 5.1 configuration, meaning five main channels plus a subwoofer to handle the low frequency effects channel (LFE).

For new construction or remodels there are in-the-wall or in-the-ceiling options. Another consideration is whether the products are for residential or commercial use.  A major hurdle when specing a system is the room itself.  What is the square footage? How high is the ceiling? Are their kids who play there?

What about extending your listening pleasure outdoors? Team Nutz can hook you up with many wired, wireless or hybrid speaker options from all the major manufacturers. Mountable? Designed to disappear in your landscaping? All speakers are weatherproof or waterproof. Wireless speakers also have the advantage of connecting to your playlist and many will charge your smartphone.

You may want to consider using your 2017 tax refund to improve your biggest and most enjoyable investment – your home.

Indoors or outdoors, Contact TN Security for a free sound system assessment. We’ll walk you through all the ins and outs of TV sound and the integration of home assistants.  We have many options and price points, most important, our installation team is topnotch!

Special offers!

Buy a W Box DVR 4 Channel DVR and be upgraded to an 8 Channel for free.

Buy a W Box DVR 8 Channel DVR and be upgraded to a 16 Channel for free.

Upgrading to Surround Sound Audio Improves Your in-Home Entertainment Experience


Start the New Year right. Save 10% with Sonos, Surround Sound Systems on orders placed by January 15.

As Old Man Winter settles in, now is the perfect time to improve your sound system so it matches your picture quality. Whether you’re a Steelers or Penguins fan, or a movie buff, or enjoy watching the latest dramas, reality shows or sticoms, you’ll appreciate the superior sound quality that surround sound gives you. For the very first time, you’ll feel like you’re on the sideline, behind the glass or on the scene, giving you an experience you could only get before in a movie theater. Whether you want a single-room or whole-house installation, we have competitively priced equipment and systems from the leading manufacturers, including Bose, Pioneer, Russound, Vanco, and Yamaha, that we customize to meet your exact needs. When we install a surround sound system, it’s just the beginning of our relationship with you. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your new purchase, we’ll make sure you totally understand how to use the system’s controls to get the best possible audio for the shows you like to watch, and we’re always ready to answer any questions you have down the road. If you’re tired of “tinny” audio coming from your TV, wake up to surround sound.

Equalize the Quality of Your TV Picture & Audio Feed


Equalize the Quality of Your TV Picture & Audio Feed

If you’ve got your sights on a flat-screen TV, why not upgrade the audio, too? By creating a home theater system, you’ll increase your enjoyment of your favorite shows, and family and friends will want to watch at your place instead of theirs.

When it comes to HDTV, we work with the technology leaders, including Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi, Phillips, Magnavox, Sansui, Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic, JVC and Sony.



As for audio systems, we can do a single room or whole-house installation with speakers from Bose, Pioneer, Russound, Vanco, Jamo, Yamaha and many other outstanding companies we regularly work with.

Whether you prefer movies, talk shows, sitcoms, sports, or any other type of programming, we’ll show you the possibilities so you can get a superior video/audio combination for the holidays, or to start 2018 on a high note.

Just when we thought technology couldn’t get any better, or more competitively priced, it has. To find out what combination of TV and audio system would work best for you, make an appointment for one of our experienced and knowledgeable entertainment system specialists to visit your home, make recommendations and help you take advantage of discount pricing on orders placed by
December 31.

“November Is Black Friday” Installation Sale


Plus Black Friday Bonanza Prices!

You’ve been eyeing a 65″ OLED 4K Ultra HD TV. The Black Friday sale price is still a whopping $4,999. Even though it weighs only 16 lbs. and is 3/16″ thick, do you trust yourself to install this magnificent piece of electronics? Don’t rely on a Youtube video.

Contact TN Security for our “November is Black Friday” installation event. The techs at TN Security will be at your house within 24 hours of your call to wall-mount and install your new TV.  Price:  $149.99 during November only, regularly $169.99.

Ask TN Security about our 65″ 4K Ultra HD LED TV. for only $899.99

“Location is the most important factor when installing a TV,” Ed Nuttall, owner of Pittsburgh-based TN Security, says. “Viewing angle, where to house components, and power outlet location are all important considerations.”
TN Security also has great prices on a wide variety of accessories…everything from surge protectors to streaming media players that we can bring to the install. Remember:  TN Security is the source for all of your home security and monitoring systems and smart home automation — all viewable and controllable, of course, from that new TV.

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Create an Entertainment Experience as Colorful as the Falling Leaves


SAVE 18% Go BIG with Bose Acoustimass 10-Series V 5:1 Home Entertainment Speaker System for large rooms, retail price $999.99, now $824.99

As the days grow shorter and temperatures cool down, you’re likely to be spending more time inside watching your favorite TV shows, movies or sports teams, or listening to music. To get the most out of your entertainment experience, invest in a Surround Sound system by Bose, Pioneer or Yamaha. By installing Surround Sound in your den, living room, “man cave” or entertainment center, you’ll impress family and friends who come over to enjoy a glass of chilled cider or Oktoberfest beer and celebrate the vivid colors of fall foliage, or to cheer the Steelers, Penguins and Panthers or Nittany Lions on to victory. Having a Surround Sound system is also a great way to reward yourself. No matter how challenging things are at work, there’s always a great entertainment experience awaiting you at the end of the day. What’s more, a Surround Sound system can be an early holiday gift to yourself or your family, because before you know it, winter will be here. On those long, endless nights and cold, gray weekends, you’ll really appreciate having quality sound coming from your TV and audio systems. So, don’t find yourself wishing you had a Surround Sound system, only to learn that you have to wait a couple of weeks, or longer, to get one installed. In these early days of fall, turn over a new leaf and contact us for a FREE in-home evaluation.

TN Security Understood Our Family’s Special Needs

From David L., Pittsburgh:

We contacted TN Security based on a positive referral from a friend. We have a family member with epilepsy who needs to be monitored 24/7. We decided that we’d get cameras placed in the public areas of the house so that our loved one could have independence in our family home, while monitoring for seizures. Everyone from TN was very professional. They did a site survey to determine what our needs were and came back with a perfect solution. TN hard-wired eight IP cameras connected to a DVR and monitor for recording. They also installed an app on our iPhones and iPads so that we can remotely monitor. The installation team was excellent. They fished the Cat 6 cable and discretely installed the cameras without any dust or debris all in one day. We were all trained on how to use the system and the apps. TN Security has also been very responsive with follow-up questions. I highly recommend TN Security to everyone for his or her video surveillance needs. We were very pleased.

During September 2017, buy a complete new camera system and get a free monitor, app and app setup to view cameras remotely. TN Security is a preferred vendor for W Box Technologies and HIKVision.


From Huffington Post:

Build Superior Homes By Installing Window Films — Valid Reasons To Add Them To Your Windows

We all know that windows are made in houses to let in light and allow us to get the beautiful outer views. But the sunlight that enters our homes through windows is also the reason behind hot spots and instant fading of your furnishings. This is why window films have been designed in order to prevent solar heat, diminish chances of fading and adding a valuable protective layer on your home.  Read more >

Whether it’s an existing home or new construction, TN Security has an award-winning team and best products and warranties to not only protect your home’s interior from damaging UV rays but also to offer an extra measure of security for your family members. During September 2017, get 25% off residential window tinting. Don’t forget, we install window tint on cars and RVs, too!  Make an appointment.