Camera Systems Help You Keep an Eye on Your Home or Business






If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll want to protect what’s likely your largest investment from theft and vandalism. Our wide selection of night vision (infrared), dome and outdoor (bullet) cameras, as well as integrated camera solutions, can give you the peace-of-mind you need to make sure your family and property are safe. The flexible, open and integrated solutions we offer consist of network cameras and DVRs which store images captured by the cameras.

Among the best cameras on the market is the Honeywell IP, which synchs up with your smartphone for 24/7 monitoring.

When it comes to CCTV cameras, DVRs, access control systems and other CCTV and access control peripherals, EverFocus is among the leaders.

The same kinds of products and solutions we offer to homeowners are also available to businesses.

If you’re not sure what types of cameras are best for your home or business, how many you need, where they should be installed, and what type of remote monitoring is best, relax. Our experienced team can help you determine which equipment and solutions would be most effective for your specific video surveillance requirements, regardless of whether you’re looking to improve security in a residential or commercial setting.

For a free, no-obligation assessment of your residential or commercial video surveillance requirements, contact TN Security or call 412.882.8346 in Castle Shannon or 412.967.0460 in Fox Chapel.

Proper Home Security System Selection & Installation Requires Professional Expertise

CCTV Security Camera

Even if you’re a DIY-er, home security is one area where it’s best to rely on a professional. That’s because a professional knows:

  • Best locations for placement of surveillance cameras, security lighting, door & window sensors, and motion detectors
  • How to install a system correctly
  • How to best maintain & upgrade a system so it stays current with technology & best monitoring practices

What’s more, a professionally installed system can get you discounts on your homeowner’s insurance premiums, unlike ones that are self-installed. The most effective systems are tied to a third-party reporting service that verifies a disturbance or false alarm by contacting you and, if necessary, the police. The most modern systems are also capable of taking video or photos of monitored rooms, making it easier for police to bring intruders to justice.

With advances in technology, a home security system can be wireless, eliminating the need for drilling & patching walls & ceilings that hard-wired systems require. That is, unless a wired system is installed when a home is being built.

By operating the system remotely from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can adjust settings, as well as see that your family and property are safe while you’re at work, travelling or out for the evening.

Some systems also enable you to use your mobile devices to remotely control indoor & outdoor lighting, as well as your garage door, thermostat and appliances.

With so many options available, tell us about your specific needs so we can recommend home security systems based on your requirements and budget.

TN Security Understood Our Family’s Special Needs

From David L., Pittsburgh:

We contacted TN Security based on a positive referral from a friend. We have a family member with epilepsy who needs to be monitored 24/7. We decided that we’d get cameras placed in the public areas of the house so that our loved one could have independence in our family home, while monitoring for seizures. Everyone from TN was very professional. They did a site survey to determine what our needs were and came back with a perfect solution. TN hard-wired eight IP cameras connected to a DVR and monitor for recording. They also installed an app on our iPhones and iPads so that we can remotely monitor. The installation team was excellent. They fished the Cat 6 cable and discretely installed the cameras without any dust or debris all in one day. We were all trained on how to use the system and the apps. TN Security has also been very responsive with follow-up questions. I highly recommend TN Security to everyone for his or her video surveillance needs. We were very pleased.

During September 2017, buy a complete new camera system and get a free monitor, app and app setup to view cameras remotely. TN Security is a preferred vendor for W Box Technologies and HIKVision.


From Huffington Post:

Build Superior Homes By Installing Window Films — Valid Reasons To Add Them To Your Windows

We all know that windows are made in houses to let in light and allow us to get the beautiful outer views. But the sunlight that enters our homes through windows is also the reason behind hot spots and instant fading of your furnishings. This is why window films have been designed in order to prevent solar heat, diminish chances of fading and adding a valuable protective layer on your home.  Read more >

Whether it’s an existing home or new construction, TN Security has an award-winning team and best products and warranties to not only protect your home’s interior from damaging UV rays but also to offer an extra measure of security for your family members. During September 2017, get 25% off residential window tinting. Don’t forget, we install window tint on cars and RVs, too!  Make an appointment.

Amp Up the Black & Gold, Upgrade to Surround Sound

SAVE 18%   Go BIG with Bose Acoustimass 10-Series IV 5:1 Home Entertainment Speaker System for large rooms, retail price $999.99, now $824.99

Although the weather is still hot and humid, football season is already upon us with the opening of Steelers training camp last week. Before you know it, the leaves will be falling off the trees and our favorite team will be knocking off opponents on its way to what should be a third AFC North title in four years and a fourth consecutive playoff appearance. The best way to enjoy the full impact of every play is to add a Surround Sound system by Bose, Pioneer or Yamaha to equal the quality of your HD picture. Whether it’s hearing Big Ben audible at the line, Antonio Brown fighting off double coverage to make a spectacular catch, or Ryan Shazier putting a bone-crunching hurt on an opposing quarterback, we can help you make your home the place family and friends want to go for those early-season afternoon games, and the prime-time contests later in the year.  With the Steelers in a strong position to make a fourth Super Bowl appearance in the Ben Roethlisberger era, we have the winning combination of expertise and inventory to help you enjoy the upcoming season – and many more to come – in ways you may not have imagined. To help you get the most out of your Steelers viewing experience throughout the regular season, and hear every sound leading to what we hope is a 7th Super Bowl win, contact us for a FREE in-home evaluation.

Sunscreen for Your Home and Car, Plus High-Tech Party Ideas

Smiling young woman driving a car.

During the warm months, window tint films reduce the solar heat gain up to 80 percent at the glass, especially on east- and west-facing windows, keeping your house cool and minimizing summer utility bills.  Window tint films also eliminate the chance that your furnishings, window coverings and paintings will fade or discolor from sun damage by blocking up to 99 percent of UV rays. Decorative window tint films in reflective, etched and frosted patterns increase your privacy with all of the energy-saving benefits.

Window tinting films can also be added to commercial buildings and all vehicles (reducing interior heat by 60 percent).

Yes, you can do it yourself but professional window tint installers, like T.N. Security, use of experienced hand cutting to ensure the right fit, professional-grade materials, and tools that don’t result in streaks and bubbles. What’s more, T.N. Security offers a lifetime guarantee.

During the month of July, when the sun is high in the sky, get 20% off residential and commercial window tint film installation.  Contact us.


Get the Party Going

Host a High-Tech Summer Party with Smart Home Solutions
by Global Mansion

unnamed (12)

T.N. Security is your source for outdoor wireless speakers like the Bose® Free Space® 51 speakers for 360o coverage anywhere outdoors. Engineered to withstand margaritas, cannonballs and summer sun (plus snow and ice…but who’s thinking about that now), Free Space 51 offers the widest speaker coverage Bose has to offer. What’s more, they can be easily installed in-ground or on a hard surface and are nicely disguised in your landscaping.  During July, get 10% off a Bose Free Space 51 purchase.

T.N. Security has whole-house smart solutions that will make your home an entertainment hub for family and friends with wireless and wired products. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Caught on Camera

home camera cctv monitoring monitor system alarm smart house video phone view concept - stock image

Did you know that the worldwide video surveillance market is expected to grow 7.4% in 2017. Here are some new developments to keep your eyes on:  HD and 4K cameras,  better compression rates to reliably transmit higher definition pictures , multisensory 180 degree to 360 degree cameras for an all-encompassing viewpoints, cybersecurity because cameras are essentially computers connected to a network.  

Security systems have become an important part of the landscape of a safe home. Beyond the obvious need for security and safety, some families use cameras in the home to monitor elderly or disabled family members.  Do you want to access images on your smartphone or on your TV?  How about indoor and outdoor vantage points? What types of cameras – bullet, dome, pan tilt zoom? Will they be used for facial recognition, motion detection, night vision?

T.N. Security has many wired and wireless security cameras and system options using the latest technologies. T.N. Security is an end-to-end security company. That means we supply all the software, hardware and, most important, knowledge to offer a complete installed solution.

Perhaps your video surveillance system is outdated. The good news is that T.N. Security is offering a special deal in June:  Buy 4 Cameras get 50% off on the next 4 cameras.

May Crime Prevention Tips

>> If you are working in the back yard, keep your front door and garage door closed and locked; and lock
your back door when you are in the front yard. Always lock your doors when you leave, even if you only
plan to be gone for a few minutes.

>> During the spring weather, many people open windows, sliding glass doors or screen doors while
they are at home. Always remember to close and lock your windows and sliding doors when you go to
bed or leave the house.

>> Install motion-activated lights in your front and back yards, so when someone approaches your home,
the lights automatically come on, illuminating that person.

>> Put all ladders and other tools back into a secure storage area after you use them. Ladders and other
tools can be used by criminals to access your home. Always lock any storage unit or shed you have on
your property.

>> Lock up your personal property in your garage or yard shed; it doesn’t take long for someone to ride
by and quickly take your property.

>> An open garage door or yard shed can also be inviting, keep them closed even when you’re at home.

>> Always remember to roll up your car windows, take any valuables out of your car, and lock your doors
every time you exit your vehicle, even if your vehicle is parked in your driveway.

T.N. Security is an exclusive dealer of Honeywell security, video surveillance and home automation
systems. We have a wide range of interior and exterior solutions to make the start of your outdoor living
season safe and secure. Contact us for a free security assessment of your home. Get 10% off any
Honeywell product during May 2017.

Outdoor AV Basics

Warm weather is fast approaching and so is outdoor entertaining. Turn to T.N.Security, your outdoor AV pros, to make this summer one to remember.  


Here are some tips:

>Know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant because it can be a costly mistake, especially with outdoor speakers.  The levels of IPX waterproof or resistance rating are from 0 to 8 with anything over 6 waterproof.

>Interior TVs can’t tolerate heat, cold, bugs and humidity. T.N. Security can give your some great outdoor HDTV options.
>Whether you want a high-end permanent solution or portable, we can select the best for big screens and projectors for that night at the “drive-in.”

>DVD players and receivers need to stay indoors. T.N. Security has some cool universal remotes to use outdoors. We even had remotes that float in the pool to control lighting, sound and more.
>Whether wired or wireless, T.N. Security will calculate the optimal number of speakers for your outdoor space parameters. Bluetooth speakers that link to your iPhone or iPod are a plus. There are also many speakers that look like garden rocks or statues, or match your décor.  

Don’t hesitate. Get on the speakerphone and make an appointment with T.N. Security for a FREE outdoor AV assessment. Call  (412) 967-0467 or contact us now.



The Proficient R650 rock-shaped design with rock finish on the grille with 6-1/2” graphite woofer is sight unseen but has tight bass and clear mids.  Super Spring Special Pricing $199.99.


Bose 131® marine speakers let you enjoy high-fidelity Bose-quality sound on your boat by connecting boat speakers to your on-board stereo components. Super Spring Special Pricing $ 229.99.

Skip the Oversized $8 Candy Bar & Watch a Movie at Home Tonight

According to a recent Harris poll, 57 percent of Americans would prefer to watch movies at home, while 21 percent said they like to go the theater. On reasons why they liked going out to a movie, 58 percent selected sound and picture quality on the big screen, while 45 percent said a brief respite from everyday life. And the worst aspects of cinema going? 62 percent said high concession prices, while 56 percent hated rude moviegoers. Here’s how the Harris poll says Americans watch movies at home: 60 percent said they usually watch movies on TV, 47 percent rented DVDs, 37 percent Blu-rays, 32 percent watched on-demand as part of a cable or satellite subscription, 31 percent said they used subscription streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, and 28 percent used their DVR. Turn to TN Security to enhance your home TV experience. We offer a wide variety of products and services that are essential to your viewing pleasure. See us at Booth 3433 at 2017 Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show, March 10-19, David L. Lawrence Convention Center, and learn more about our “Outdoor Garden Speaker” special, and home audio and security systems solutions. For more information, contact us today!

Camera Surveillance Systems for Office & Home

Get a clearer image of the spaces that matter most with a camera system from TN Security.

TN Security is your pro Pittsburgh team with deep experience in camera and security systems. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself Nest plug-and-go system or hardwired indoor dome and outdoor night-vision cameras with DVR, TN Security can make expert recommendations during a free in-home consultation. We help you determine how many cameras, locations, styles, installation points and more. Attached to these systems can be smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, keypads, video displays, and motion or sensor detectors. Plus we offer our no-contract month-to-month monitoring program overseen by a Five Diamond Certified and FDNY-approved monitoring center. Wow! There’s a lot to consider when you want to keep you family and business safe. Schedule your free in-home consultation now.

> Add Honeywell IP cameras into Total Connect with your Honeywell security systems and get Total Control with Total Connect on your smartphone. February Flash Sale: $129.99