Whole Home Automation

Enjoy the ease and convenience of modern technology throughout your entire home, with our Z-Wave home automation services. If you enjoy and benefit from the use of smartphone technology, imagine living in a so called smart-home. Using wireless means of control, our Z-Wave technology at TN Security makes any home a smart home, quickly, easily and affordably!

Synchronize Your Home; Simplify Your Life

Z-Wave is a next-generation wireless ecosystem that lets all your home electronics talk to each other and to you, via remote control. Our Z-Wave home automation technology uses simple, yet reliable, low-power radio waves which easily travel through walls, floors, cabinets, et cetera. This enables the Z-Wave control to be added, in mere minutes, to almost any electronic device in your house, from appliances and thermostats, to window shades, entry ways and home lighting. Have your garage door turn on your house lights when you come home. Enable your door locks to notify you when your children arrive home from school. Turn off those downstairs lights you forgot about, from upstairs. With Z-Wave, you can create your own intelligent and secure control center that is your home.

Complete Control & Compatibility

Z-Wave unifies all your home electronics into an integrated wireless network, with no complicated programming and no running new cables. And not only can any Z-Wave enabled device be effortlessly added to this network in seconds, many non-Z-Wave devices can also be made compatible by simply plugging the new device into a Z-Wave accessory module

Z-Wave lets you control all of these devices whether at home or while away. You can control your Z-Wave household remotely from anywhere on Earth, using the Internet and a PC or even your cellular phone! Z-Wave’s intelligent mesh networking interprets the present status of any enabled device, and gives you confirmation that your devices have received the automatic or manual control commands you want.

Serving the Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan area with skill and dedication, we stand by our services and provide the best state-of-the-art home automation technology in the city. Call us at 412-967-0467 today for more information on entire home automation. You can also fill out the form below to have us contact you with a free quote for our services! Z-Wave delivers on all the promises of a synchronized home, and opens up exciting new possibilities for the home of the future. Make your home and your life more economical, secure and conveniently enjoyable.