Commercial Audio Systems

Commercial audio systems

As a business owner you get one chance to make a great first impression. Can the music playing be heard clearly and evenly throughout the entire store? Is your conference room sound system connected properly to your video system for that big presentation? Do you need an intercom system for your office building? By employing multi-room hardwired or wireless audio systems, music, conferences, and presentations will give customers a four-star experience that will project professionalism.

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This multi-room audio system provides a lot of flexibility by giving you the ability to enjoy music from several different audio sources including XM® and Sirius® satellite tuners, CD players, and an iPod® just to name of few. Whether you are outside on your patio, in the kitchen, or the basement… whether you’re listening to jazz, talk radio or hip hop … Russound will customize your listening experience.


Another versatile music system, the Sonos is a wireless multi-room music system. Not only can you listen to music from your personal library, but you can explore and enlarge your collection by streaming an endless variety of music stations from the Internet.

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Theater Surround Sound Audio

Yamaha, Bogen, Crown, Sony

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Definitive Technologies, Beale Street, Sonance, Sunfire, Kef, Yamaha

Sound Deadening

Dynamat, Kinetics Suspended Ceilings


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