Visible Soundz

Visible Soundz Printed canvas speaker

If you are looking for a unique way to play your favorite tunes, look no further than Visible Soundz. These printed canvases have a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can stream your tunes and provide a great conversation piece for your guests.

Visible Soundz Canvas Bluetooth Speaker

Visible Soundz – 21″ x 17″ Canvas Picture Bluetooth Speaker features a USB Rechargeable 6watt Amplifier that is good for over 8 hours of music. The canvas comes with a charging cable and plug adapter.

There are a variety of preprinted images available, from classic cars to waterfalls to match your home’s décor. Customs designs are also available, with the exception of copyrighted images, which can’t be reproduced. Original photos and artwork are welcome. Contact TN Security today to customize your own Visible Soundz Canvas Bluetooth Speaker.


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