residential intercome pager

Often homeowners hesitate to install an intercom (even security and/or audio system) due to the fear of knowing how to control all of the various electrical components. Whether you’re technologically savvy or a beginner, T.N. Security provides multiple universal console options that allow you to control all devices in one central command center unit.

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On-Q Radiant

By using the Studio LCD Console you are able to control camera, intercom, audio, thermostat and lighting control systems. In addition you can view the local weather, set time events and enjoy streaming internet radio stations throughout the home. An extra feature includes Mobile App which is available through any web browser or web-enabled smart phone. Mobile App allows you to turn on the lights or change the music from anywhere inside or outside of the home.

Russound ComPoint®

As an extension of the Russound’s audio system ComPoint® is an intercom solution that integrates with virtually any multi-room home audio system. Providing point-to-point communications along with global paging from any keypad; it is a true intercom system. Taking advantage of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers the sound quality for you home communications and security will not be sacrificed. With ComPoint® you truly can enjoy the benefits and conveniences of having your multi-room audio and intercom communications interfaced in one console.


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