Wifi Expansion

wifi expansion graphic showing families in a house full of access points

Luxul – Wired & Wireless Wi-Fi

Luxul offers wired and wireless routers for both professional and personal networks. Luxul routers allow you to run two or more computers on the same network at the same time without the need for a separate internet connection.

Eero – Wireless Wi-Fi

Get more Wi-Fi for the devices in your connected home with Eero. Eero allows you to increase your internet efficiency while also reducing network congestion, eliminating dead spots, and buffering even as you connect more devices.

Aruba – Wireless Wi-Fi

With Aruba Wireless Wi-Fi, you can expect improved performance, capacity, and excellent AIOps visibility across your devices for all users. This secure, reliable Wi-Fi has built-in intelligence that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your network operations.


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