Commercial Security Systems

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As a business owner, it is vitally important to have a security system in place to protect your assets from external dangers like robbery or vandalism as well as internal threats such as employee theft or general misconduct that goes against your company’s guidelines.

Know that T.N. Security has a wired or wireless security system to meet your business needs. T.N. Security and Honeywell have teamed up to bring your pioneering security solutions.

Commercial Security System Installation

There is more to security than your security system equipment. T.N. Security can design a custom system floorplan based on your building’s environment to ensure maximum coverage and 24/7 monitoring for your commercial property. Whether it is an office security system or a security system for a warehouse, T.N. Security has solutions and expertise to accomplish your goals.

Commercial Surveillance Cameras

We come out to your location and take an in-depth look at it from top to bottom to ensure that the new security system we are about to install has full coverage and no blind spots for the security cameras.

It is important to have eyes on every area so that if something happens, you have eyes on the event, and nothing is left to trust.

Door And Window Alarms

When installing a new business security system, we also make sure that all the doors and windows on your commercial property have door and window alarms to ensure that nobody is getting into your building undetected.

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Other Commercial Security System Touch Points

Check out some of the wired and wireless security systems we install below for information on the advanced sensors that can provide alerts to your security system for environmental threats such as floods, water leaks, fires, carbon monoxide detectors, and more!

Wired Security Systems

Honeywell VISTA-21iP Security for New Construction

Honeywell’s robust, high capacity, feature-rich VISTA-21iP provides up to 48 zones of protection, an on-board IP connection, graphic keypad support and dual partitions.

The VISTA-21iP gives you the ability to send alarm signals and upload/download via an Internet Protocol (IP), improving the speed at which information can be delivered to and from the control panel.

When used with an optional AlarmNet® GSM that snaps right on the board, the VISTA-21iP can be installed in premises without TELCO lines – guaranteeing communication independent of any infrastructure. This Honeywell product is a top-tier commercial alarm system TN Security offers to install in new construction projects in Pittsburgh.

Wireless Security Systems

As a home or business owner, there are many options allotted to you, such as monitored or unmonitored systems that can either be hardwired or wireless. Attached to these systems can be smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors, keypads, video displays, and motion or sensor detectors.

Our residential video options include night vision (infrared) cameras, dome cameras, outdoor (bullet) cameras, and network (IP) cameras, plus DVRs to store your captured images. Our no-contract month-to-month monitoring program is overseen by a Five Diamond Certified and FDNY-approved monitoring center. Your family’s safety is T.N. Security’s top priority. Get superior protection 24/7.

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Security Systems By Honeywell

Protection And Peace Of Mind

T.N. Security knows there is a Honeywell security system for every lifestyle, budget, and need. And they do more than keep you and your family safe and secure…they give you peace of mind and can even keep you connected to your home wherever you are.

T.N. Security loves Honeywell products because they are easy enough for every family member to operate, providing a level of simplicity and convenience you will appreciate.

Lynx 5210 & 7000 By Honeywell

In Touch With Your Lifestyle

Honeywell’s lifestyle-enhancing LYNX Touch lets you control your security system, lights, locks, and thermostats view video, and more—all from one brilliant, full-color touchscreen or on mobile devices around your home. Choose from versions with 7” or 4.7” touchscreens.

  • Wireless Remotes – Our wireless remotes offer the features of traditional keypads with convenient fingertip control. The press of a single button lets you
    operate your security system, lights, garage doors, and more.
  • Pet-Friendly Protection Without Tripping An Alarm – See Your Pet Live
  • 24-Hour Monitoring – Burglary, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, And More
  • Indoor/Outdoor Sensors For Whole House Protection
  • Environmental Sensors: Notification Of Flood, Leaks, And More
  • Theft Protection – Alarms If Valuables Are Moved
  • Digital Video Security – View Live Video Of Kids, Pets, Deliveries – Day Or Night
  • Emergency Help – “I Need Help!” On A Wristband, Pendant, Belt, Or Keychain
  • Home Security Lighting – Instant Lights Via Smartphone, Strobe Effect In Panic Mode
  • Remote Locking Anywhere You Have An Internet Connection

Lyric Security and Home Control System

Honeywell’s Lyric family of products offers wireless heating control, water leak detection, and security, all of which can be controlled remotely using the Lyric app. The app uses geofencing technology to know when you are home or away, so you can control your Lyric devices from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet, ensuring your home is just how you always like it – comfortable, safe, and secure – all in your hands. The Lyric Controller is intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to use, whether you are controlling security, thermostats, cameras, lights, or locks with a tap on the touchscreen or the sound of your voice. No schedules, no programming, and no complex menus. The controller features Voice Control, Smart Scenes, Mobile Control, Snapshots, and 24/7 Monitoring.

Resideo ProA7Plus

Keeping your home safe and protected is easy with the Honeywell Home security systems from Resideo. With the ProA7Plus, your home will be equipped with a powerful central hub for security and life safety. This hub can be customized to suit your home’s and your family’s security needs.

The intuitive touch screen offers an easy-to-use display from which you can conveniently control your security settings, lighting, thermostats, and more. With built-in Amazon Alexa, you can either manage your settings with the touch of a button or with voice commands.


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