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commercial window tint and security film services

The changing Pittsburgh climate demands increased solar protection. It’s all about reducing energy costs and consumption and creating a more productive workplace.

There is also window security film available that you can have installed to give your windows an added level of protection against thieves and accidental shattering.

In both the categories of solar protection film and security film, while often they overlap, there are many options depending on your priorities and TN Security of Pittsburgh is an expert at installing both. Whether you need thicker film or darker film, or both, talk to our experts, we have window film solutions for every situation.

Types Of Commercial Window Film We Install:

Security Window FilmTinted Window FilmTinted Security Film

Commercial Security Window Film Installation

Keeping your Pittsburgh residential or commercial property cool, clear, and safe is our top priority. We also offer security window film installation services using high-quality window film from 3M and Johnson. When it comes to security film, you will want a thicker film, since this provides more protection against broken glass than a thinner film.

Window Film For Theft Deterrent and Shatterproofing

Installing security film on your building’s windows can also make it more difficult for criminals to break through since it stops the glass from shattering. Security film can make entering a building through a broken door or window louder, more time-consuming, and frustrating for would-be criminals. Additionally, if your security film is tinted, nobody can see your valuables inside to know if there is anything worth taking!

Installing security window film on your commercial building for burglar deterrence enables a secure business property without the need for metal bars over your windows that may deter clients as well as thieves.

This thicker window film also helps prevent flying glass shards if the window is accidentally shattered. If someone slams a door too hard or people are moving furniture or large objects and lose control, it may prevent a glass-related injury.

It is also easier to clean up the broken glass after the incident has occurred since the window film holds the fragments together in larger more manageable pieces.

Security window film grants you additional window security without the cost of expensive new windows.

Commercial Window Tint Film Installation

Professional solar control films from 3M and Johnson Window Films deliver energy savings while blocking up to 99% of UV rays. From a cooler, more comfortable interior to reducing glare and the fading of office furnishings, the wide selection of Johnson films will immediately provide many long-term benefits while remaining virtually invisible. Additionally, certain commercial window tint films can block up to 82% of the sun’s heat, reducing your energy bill!

Window Film For Energy Savings And UV Protection

Tinted window film helps protect your furnishings and employees from harsh UV light. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can have terrible effects on your body, including skin cancer.

Tinted window film also helps to lower your energy costs by letting less of the sun’s heat in through the windows, reducing the greenhouse effect.

With window tint film, you can also reduce the sun’s glare, making it easier for you and your employees to read your computer screens.

Window Film For Increased Privacy and Curb Appeal

You can also add additional privacy to your commercial property with security window film. If your property is close to a street or another building, ditch the blinds, and take comfort in the knowledge that nobody can see into your commercial building.

Window film can also enhance the look of your storefront with commercial security window film installation. Seeing the sky reflect off your window film can give your building more of the elite curb appeal you are going for.

While standard tinted windows do have a lower risk of shattering, they are still often not as thick of a film, so shattering is still more likely unless you have a thicker security film that is tinted.

Tinted Security Window Film Installation

Business owners can also get the thicker security window film installed with varying tint levels to block the sun’s heat and UV rays. This gives your Pittsburgh business’s commercial property the benefits of both in a single window film application:

    1. Safety and Security
    1. Temperature Control
    1. Glare Reduction
    1. UV Protection
    1. Privacy
    1. Enhanced Curb Appeal
    1. Cheaper Than New Windows

Commercial Window Film Installation in Pittsburgh

Commercial window film is an underused product that can help keep your business cool and safe. After you sign off on the quote, our expert window film installers will come to your property, ensure the windows are clean, cut film pieces to fit perfectly, and install your new window film without air bubbles.

Using a tried and true process from the manufacturer we have perfected over the years, we can help your business unlock the benefits of commercial window film through our professional installation method.

Improve Your Property with Window Film Installation

Whether you want to reduce your energy costs at your residence or add safety to your storefront, the expert team at TN Security has you covered! Gain extra peace of mind through commercial window film installation. Contact us today to protect your property!

For more information on our Johnson Commercial Window Film products or window film installation services, contact us today!

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Things People Ask About Commercial Window Film

You can use security window film to meet tempered glass codes. Learn more about tempered glass codes, and how security window film can help you meet them for your commercial building.

Window film helps keep the heat inside your home during the cold months, and the cool air in during the warm months. Certain films perform better than others. Call for more information!

When cleaning security window film you will need to avoid using harsh chemicals, and instead use warm water with a mild soap like dish washing detergent. Learn more about cleaning security window film.

Security window film stops the glass from shattering as well as making it more difficult to break. This can delay intruders and give you time to react, or discourage them entirely! Learn more about how security window film can help your windows!

Exterior security window film is warrantied to last five years but may last up to eight years. Security window film applied on the inside of the windows however can last 25 years or more! Learn more about how long security window film lasts.

You can have commercial window film installed on the inside and the outside of your building’s windows.

Window tinting is a type of window film, but there are also security window films that can protect your windows. Learn more about the difference between window tinting and window film on our blog!

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