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Our family has been longtime customers of both TN Security and Team Nutz, TN Security’s parent company. Over the past 10 years, we’ve come to trust both companies with our home and cars. When we recently made an investment in wooden plantation shutters for the second floor of our home, we knew we had to do something to protect them. Our house has a perfect southern exposure.

While there’s an upside – bright and cherry sunlit rooms – the downside is that the sun “bakes” everything that it touches, including those nice new shutters. We did a some research about window film. It’s the GREEN choice. Window film also offers aesthetic protection from UV radiation that could cause damage to our furniture, upholstery and wood finishes. Heat gain is reduced by 82 percent, leading to more comfort, lower utility bills (20% to 30% savings) and less glare (up to 80%) —all without darkening my bright home, plus offering a crystal-clear view. Another bonus is my return on investment is one year. Beyond the trust factor, the reason we went with TN Security and not another company was because of their technicians. Adhering window film is tricky business. TN Security has factory-trained techs, who did a GREAT job on the installation AND the cleanup. Thanks to TN Security for another great job very well done.

The Levy Family

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