Window Film Is Like Sunglasses for Your Windows

“I purchased nearly $20,000 in new draperies and plantation shutters for my home. It was quite an investment. But I realized, after the fact, that the front of my house had a perfect southern exposure. The sun was unrelenting and harsh (perhaps I should’ve invested in solar panels!). It occurred to me that I couldn’t let the sun bake and fade my new window coverings over time. That’s when I called T.N. Security.”

~Jenny, Glenshaw, PA

Natural light is one of the most lovely and desirable features of a home or office. But there’s an ugly side to the sun. It can expose it occupants – people, furniture, artwork, carpet, and drapes — to its brutal effects. It can fade all the interior contents with its punishing rays.

Window Film Can Protect Your Assets

Protect your interiors with window film from T.N. Security. Available in commercial, residential, and security grades, window film is installed directly onto your window’s surface, thereby eliminating hot spots and glare. Window film filters 82% of the heat and 99% of damaging UV rays. It can also save you money on your air-conditioning bill by absorbing the solar heat in the summer and on your heating bills in the winter.

Commercial Window Film

Residential or Commercial window film can be security window film, window tint film, or both!

Protect your home from shattering glass, easy intrusion through windows, as well as face the damages that the sun can cause head on by protecting the occupants of your home or business, as well as your belongings. You can even save some money long-term on your energy bill!

T.N. Security is a dealer of Johnson Window Films. All window film is professionally installed by our trained techs. Immediately feel the benefit of window film in your office, car or RV, T.N. Security can help.

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