The Lowdown on High Quality TV Surround Sound Systems

There are many cost-effective TV surround sound systems on the market with a wide range of customizable features for high quality sound. Most connect to several audio sources such as TV, laptop, MP3 player, Bluetooth, and USB via the stereo RCA input.

A new development in the sound system discussion is the integration of home assistants like Google Home, Google Alexa and Apple Homepod, which you can use as a soundbar or communicate with your TV. With a typical home theater system, a remote control or a display regulates volume and sound balance for the very best in listening pleasure.

There are center-channel front speaker systems, side speaker systems mounted to the wall, speakers placed on bookcases or floor-standing models. These are mainly in a 5.1 configuration, meaning five main channels plus a subwoofer to handle the low frequency effects channel (LFE).

For new construction or remodels there are in-the-wall or in-the-ceiling options. Another consideration is whether the products are for residential or commercial use. A major hurdle when specing a system is the room itself. What is the square footage? How high is the ceiling? Are their kids who play there?

What about extending your listening pleasure outdoors? Team Nutz can hook you up with many wired, wireless or hybrid speaker options from all the major manufacturers. Mountable? Designed to disappear in your landscaping? All speakers are weatherproof or waterproof. Wireless speakers also have the advantage of connecting to your playlist and many will charge your smartphone.

You may want to consider using your 2017 tax refund to improve your biggest and most enjoyable investment – your home.

Indoors or outdoors, Contact TN Security for a free sound system assessment. We’ll walk you through all the ins and outs of TV sound and the integration of home assistants. We have many options and price points, most important, our installation team is topnotch!

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