Tips to Keeping your Home Warm and Safe in the Cooler Months

Cold Weather Safety Tips

Installing a home security system is one way to feel safe instantaneously. Although when it comes to preparing for cooler weather there other precautions that should be taken to help keep your family safe and warm. To begin the process of winterizing your home make a checklist of items that should be inspected and items to be purchased. For instance there are the perimeter items such as the gutters and chimney, and then you have indoor items such as the pipes, heaters and ensuring your home is stocked with items like candles.

Priority Inspections for Inside the Home

Pipes – During the winter months temperatures can drop well below desirable levels which increases the risk of pipes bursting in your home. To avoid the risk of your home flooding and endure paying astronomical prices in damages and repair it is best to make sure your pipes are insulated especially if they are locate along the exterior walls. If installing insulation around your pipes are not within your current budget then we recommend opening your cabinets underneath the sink exposing them to the heat from your home. In addition, it will not hurt to let water drip from the faucet to aid in the prevention of frozen pipes.

Heating – Now is the time to do a thorough inspection of your fireplace (s) and chimney (s). You want to make sure all of the grime and soot have been removed and that the smoke can properly ventilate out through the chimney. If your home does have a fireplace you want to have smoke detectors installed with up-to-date batteries. Do not forget to have your heater serviced to ensure it is functioning properly. For unexpected emergencies it is recommended you purchase one or more space heaters just in case your heater does malfunction. It also does not hurt to purchase extra blankets and comforters in case you have friends or neighbors who may need some help with keeping warm.

Other Items to Consider

Purchase candles for when the electricity goes out due to a storm or power outage.

You would be surprised how many people forget to purchase a snow shovel and rock salt. Typically you only have 24-72hrs to shovel the side walk in front of your home to help avoid injuries to those walking across your property side walk.

Purchase extra water, toiletries, batteries, flash lights, emergency chargers for your electronic items, and food items that do not require refrigeration.

Check to see if your first-aid kit is well equipped with the necessary supplies.

Have enough basic medicine (i.e., Tylenol, Advil) and filled prescriptions if you or a family member have required medication they must take daily.

Despite the sometimes frigid temperatures winter can be an enjoyable season. Taking the precautions to prepare for the season and emergency situations will only enhance your overall home security.

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