Springtime Crime Prevention

Open windows, front doors and garage doors during the warmer months mean an invitation for unwanted guests to “walk in,” especially when you may be in your neighbor’s backyard chatting or in yours gardening. Here are some important springtime security hints. Before you open your windows to let some fresh air in, keep intruders out by testing the locks on all of your windows.

Stash all of that expensive lawn equipment in a locked shed. Don’t give thieves a leg up — trim trees limbs near windows. Choose some barrier bushes with thorns, prickly leaves, or needles in your landscaping to prevent break-ins. Small landscape river rock or gravel under windows creates noise that says “I’m here!” Good exterior lighting is one of the best defenses against crime. Invest in some motion-control outdoor flood lights. Remember: criminals don’t act when they’re watched. Contact TN Security now for a video surveillance consultation.

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