Holiday Home Protection

Protecting Your Home During the Holiday

Our homes can be broken into for the holiday season. Burglars don’t care if you are happy and enjoying time with your family. It is a situation that nobody wants to experience. But, you will definitely be under threat if you don’t have a security system installed in your home. We will talk about security system Pittsburgh that can save a lot of homes from theft. The winter home security is another aspect we will talk about, because our homes are at threat mostly when we go to winter or summer holidays.

Home security tips to enhance winter home security

Don’t check in or reveal your location on social media

Many people that don’t have security systems installed do a really bad mistake and share photos or do check-ins on social media with their location. Burglars that plan to invade your house probably know you and your assets and when they see that you are not home, they can plan and implement their theft.

Watch out from the neighbors

The previous tip for holiday home protection is somewhat connected with the previous one. Know what kind of people are your neighbors, because they may share crucial information with the burglars, like where you are or where you do hide your spare key.

Install a home security system

Home security system is always a guaranteed solution. It will give you that needed feel of safety and security. Let the professionals do their job and always be aware when someone is on your property while you are enjoying time with your family in the holiday season. There are winter home security systems that can be chosen as well, especially for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Security Systems Pittsburgh offers neat solutions for that area.

Turn your lights when you are not home

There are many systems that allow you to control or time your home lights even when you are not home for days. This will help to simulate that someone is home, when you are actually far away from home.

Use sensors

There are environmental sensors that can back off the burglars. They also can be used In situations when there is environmental hazard like fire or flood. These sensor can detect anything and increase home security as well.


Installing security system from a reliable contractor is probably the best solution. Security systems Pittsburgh can be great solution for the area. However, the other tips are also a must if you want complete solution for home protection.

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