New Home Wired Security Systems

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With all the logistics that come into play with purchasing a new home and moving your family, we understand that deciding on a security system that fits your unique needs can be overwhelming. T.N. Security has partnered with Honeywell to provide you with the best home security protection in the greater Pittsburgh area. Together we’re at the forefront of advancing security technology, including the world’s best-selling glass break detectors.

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Wired Home Security System Installation Pittsburgh

T.N. Security will come out to your home to provide a full assessment of your property and determine which zones need which security module. We will map out a full alarm floor plan! Our job is to make sure we are protecting your assets to the best of our ability. This includes making sure there are no blind spots on your cameras, windows, and doors are monitored, as well as things like water leak monitoring or glass break detectors are in place. The benefit of installing a wired home security system during new construction is that the system is fully integrated into your home, with full coverage of the area, and network and power cables are hidden. All of your systems can be accessed through a central screen. Read on for more information on the security systems that T.N. Security uses.

New Home Wired Security Camera Systems

Honeywell VISTA-21iP Home Security for New Construction

Honeywell’s robust, high capacity, feature-rich VISTA-21iP provides up to 48 zones of protection, an on-board IP connection, graphic keypad support, and dual partitions. The VISTA-21iP allows you to send alarm signals and upload/download via an Internet Protocol (IP), improving the speed at which information can be delivered to and from the control panel. When used with an optional AlarmNet® GSM that snaps right on the board, the VISTA-21iP can be installed on the premises without TELCO lines – guaranteeing communication independent of any infrastructure.


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