Electric Frost Window Film

Get Privacy On Demand with Electric Frost Window Film
Experience the privacy and convenience of Electric Frost Window Film and enjoy your view without sacrificing comfort. With this film, you can experience the convenience of controlling your privacy with the flip of a switch or the push of a button.
Control Your Privacy with the Flip of a Switch
This smart film offers your business convenient privacy throughout your office or storefront. Easily control this film with a remote or a light switch.
  • Optically Clear When On – The Electric Frost window film is 80% optically clear when on, allowing you to enjoy the view outside without sacrificing your privacy.
  • Frosted When Off- When turned off, the Electric Frost window film goes to a frosted stage, making it hard to see through and providing you with privacy on demand.
  • Applies to Any Smooth Glass Surface- The Electric Frost window film applies to any new or existing smooth glass surface. The film is applied like a screen protector and requires experienced, careful installation by the trusted team at TN Security.

Professional Window Film Installation at TN Security

At TN Security, we offer professional window film installation services to ensure your Electric Frost window film is installed correctly. Our experienced team will make sure that the window film is securely applied and made to last over time.

If you’re interested in having the Electric Frost window film installed on your windows, contact TN Security today!


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