Cellular Signal Booster

T.N. Security and Wilson Electronics Building Solutions have partnered to improve cell phone performance in a variety of residential buildings. Wilson’s top-performing building boosters and antennas will give you a strong, reliable cell phone signal indoors. Get the maximum number of bars.

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Wilson Residential Cell Phone Signal Boosters

The days of telephone landlines are a thing of the past. People use their cell phones more than ever, and rely on strong cellular reception in their homes. However, sprawling, large-scale residential buildings made from concrete, brick, metal, and coated glass can block even the strongest cellular signals. WilsonPro residential cell phone signal boosters work to capture the available signal outside the building, amplify it, and broadcast it indoors. This way, you can experience better voice quality and flawless data transmissions at home.

No matter the size of your home, WilsonPro and T.N. Security have residential cell phone signal boosters to meet your needs.


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