2 Businesses That Need Window Tint Film and Window Security Film

Many businesses would benefit from commercial window tinting film or commercial security film. Some companies can benefit from both. The good news is that you can have one window film that does both! Alternatively, you could have window film installed on your building that only tints them, or you could get a window film that just gives your building’s windows extra security. Here are two businesses that we think should have both.

Hospitals Should Have Window Tint Film Installed

Hospitals are one of the many businesses that should consider using window film to protect their commercial buildings. Window film provides a variety of benefits, from energy savings and improved safety to better privacy and comfort. In hospitals, these advantages can be especially important since they often have large windows which let in a lot of natural light but may also create issues with glare or allow outsiders to see inside. Window tint film can help reduce or negate glare, and protect each patient’s privacy while still allowing for a healthy amount of sunlight throughout the building. Blinds are nice to be able to control the amount of light that enters a room, but if a patient is confined to their bed, and the sun is blinding them, they have to rely on a hospital staff, whose time could be better spent on a patient in extreme pain, than opening and shutting blinds.

Additionally, it can provide insulation against heat loss during colder months, helping save on heating costs. This permits more money to go to equipment and staff. With all these benefits combined, window film is an ideal solution for any hospital looking to upgrade its building’s windows.

Hospitals Should Have Security Window Film Installed

Security window film has the ability to keep the windows of hospitals and other commercial buildings intact, even if an intruder attempts to break in or if there is a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane. You might think that this is unnecessary, but when it comes to patient health and liability, is it really worth the risk? The film works by laminated layers applied directly to the window glass, creating a durable barrier that can prevent shattering and, by extension, protect patients from shattered glass.

Childhood Education Centers Should Have Window Tint Film Installed

Childhood education centers should consider installing window tint films. Tinted window film can provide improved comfort for the children and staff in the building. The sun’s glare can be distracting and harmful to the eyes of adults and children and can result in the teachers just closing the blinds or curtains. Blinds though effective in the past, restrict natural light from entering the building and, with it, the benefits it brings. During recess, if their age range has it, children will be outside getting rays while they play. If they are older and don’t have recess they are not soaking up the sun’s benefits.

Natural sunlight in a classroom can significantly assist educators and educated alike, both physically and mentally. Sunlight is known to boost moods, reduce stress levels, and promote alertness. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light in classrooms can help improve student performance. As a result, more and more schools are beginning to invest in window tint films for their educational facilities. The films help protect the building from the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays while still allowing natural light to enter the building.

Window tinting in schools also saves on the school’s energy bills by blocking the heat from the sun’s rays and enables more money can go to teachers, curriculum, and other things that benefit the students.

While tinted windows alone are not the same as security film, they can provide a visual barrier to the school and classrooms inside if someone who means harm is looking to do so on the premises. Paired with security window film, tinted windows are essential in schools windows.

Childhood Education Centers Should Have Security Window Film Installed.

Childhood education centers should also consider installing security window film. This additional layer of protection can further safeguard the building in the event of a break-in or natural disaster. In the event of accidental glass breaks, rather than flying everywhere, any shards are neatly contained to be removed safely by school staff and replaced by a professional.

If there is an intruder on school grounds, external windows with security window film will prevent easy access from being gained through windows or doors that have this film in place. If there are internal windows on the doors or walls of classrooms, window security film and locked doors can make it extremely difficult for intruders to get into the classroom. If the windows are tinted, they cannot even see.

Window tint film works by adding a strong, durable barrier to the existing window glass, so no invasive construction is necessary, and class can continue uninterrupted during the installation.

Student safety is paramount, and with violence in schools on the rise, putting as much time and space as possible between children and any risks to their wellbeing should not be overlooked.

Commercial Window Tint and Commercial Security Film Installation

There are many benefits to installing window film for security and tinted window film on your commercial building or even your residential building. If you are not a hospital or a school, tinted windows can still reduce energy consumption, reduce glare, prevent shattering, delay intruders, as well as a whole list of other benefits!

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