Security Window Film Types For Your Home Or Business

man trying to break into window with security film installed on it

As a homeowner or business owner, prioritizing your property’s security and safety is essential. One way to enhance security is by installing window film.

Security window film reduces your energy bills and provides an added layer of protection. This blog will discuss the different window film options available and their benefits to help you make an informed decision.

Anti-Graffiti Security Window Film

This type of security window film is a great way to protect windows from damage or defamation. This film is designed to adhere firmly to the glass surface, making it difficult for vandals or graffiti artists to alter. The film can also be removed without damaging the underlying glass, allowing you to replace the film when needed.

Once installed, the film is nearly invisible and provides an effective barrier against accidental or intentional damage to glass surfaces. Using anti-graffiti window film, building owners can save money by avoiding costly repairs and replacing damaged glass. Additionally, it allows for quick and easy graffiti removal with no permanent damage to the underlying surface.

Tinted Security Film

Security film strengthens the glass and holds it together in high-impact situations. This film protects your home or business interior from harmful UV rays with heat and UV-blocking abilities. It also adds durability to your windows to help prevent vandalism and theft.

By blocking UV rays, you can protect your family or employees from the sun while preventing the sun from fading or damaging your furniture and other items. Security film is also available in clear to meet your needs.

Reflective Security Window Film

This type of film is an effective way to protect your property from potential threats. It helps deter potential burglars and reduces the risk of break-ins by preventing outsiders from looking through the window. It also provides privacy to your family or employees. The film is a deterrent, reflecting bright sunlight away from vulnerable areas while allowing natural light into your home or business.

This product can also help block out harmful UV rays, provide privacy, and reduce energy costs by keeping the temperature inside your home or business more consistent.

Professional Window Film Installation Services for Your Pittsburgh Property

Security window film is a cost-effective and easy way to add value and security to your property. Ensure to consult with a professional installer at TN Security to select the type of film that suits your needs.

Whether you are looking to curb energy bills or enhance security, window film has got you covered. So why wait? Go ahead and improve the look and security of your Pittsburgh property with window films today! Contact TN Security to schedule your security window film installation.

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