Security Window Film Crash Course

office windows with frosted security window film

Security window film is an essential safety measure for any home or business. Not only does it help protect from intruders, but it can also help to guard against damaging UV rays and reduce energy costs. In this crash course, we’ll look at the different types of security window film and help you understand why it’s important.

What is Security Window Film?

Security window film is composed of one or more layers of polyester film. These layers are laminated together using special adhesives and range in thickness from 4 mils to 14 mils. To construct thicker films, multiple layers of thinner film are laminated together. Depending on the desired outcome, the production process will use different adhesives and different types of films.

In most cases, the thicker the film is, the more durable it is. As thickness increases, you will have more strength against tearing, breaking, and punctures. For security window film, you will want a film that is anywhere from 8 to 14 mils. Thinner window films can be used just for window tint in areas that are less vulnerable and where you need solar protection. Thicker films are necessary in high-risk areas to ensure security and protection.

What is Security Window Film Used for?

Security window film increases window strength, helping to delay or deter a burglar or protect those inside the building if a window is hit with an object such as a rock, hail, etc., by preventing the window from shattering into sharp pieces. The tint offered by window film can also protect people and furniture from heat and harmful UV rays.

You can even have security window film installed to meet the tempered glass codes for your building!

Caring For Window Security Film

Like any windows on your building, you will need to clean the windows that have security film, or even just window tint installed. Learn how to clean and maintain your security window film without damaging it with harsh chemicals.

Security Window Film Installation Services

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