Camera Lenses and Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

When selecting your video surveillance camera, the type of lens that you choose will depend on the type of surveillance system that you are seeking. There are generally three main types of lenses, each with different capabilities for fulfilling specific purposes. Whether you are seeking surveillance that captures fine detail, focused shots, or aspects in between, we have the expert services to get the job done. At TN Security, we help you develop a surveillance set up that meets all of your needs and requirements, for ultimate safety overall.

Wide Angle Surveillance Video Camera Lenses for

Wide angle surveillance camera lenses shoot video in a larger view. Monitoring activities in a larger area, such as a lot or warehouse, is much easier with a wide angled lens. From the common panoramic, to the popular fisheye angled lenses, you can get reliable footage for various security needs and views.

Telephoto Surveillance Video Camera Lenses

If you are seeking video surveillance footage that has the ability to focus in on a detailed spot, telephoto surveillance camera lenses are the way to go. Telephoto lenses give accurate depictions of long focused and narrowed in objects with complete clarity. This enables you to narrow in and capture things such as license plates, ID tags and more.

Normal Surveillance Video Camera Lenses for General Scene Capturing

Normal video camera lenses, or rather lenses of neither wide-angle nor telephoto style, are meant to capture general scenes. This lens type is not suitable for intense focusing or examining on subject or aspects. Yet, normal surveillance video camera lenses do supply a decent capturing of the scene at hand for clear security protection.

At TN Security, we help you develop a surveillance set up that meets all of your needs and requirements, for ultimate safety. From the use of normal video lenses, to telephoto video camera lenses you can trust in the surveillance security from TN Security. Contact us today at (412) 967-0467 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Do not wait any longer to secure your business or residence, call now and start protecting your Pittsburgh space today!

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