Upgrade Your TV Audio

shutterstock_711075157Flat-panel HDTV’s cool, slim profile is too thin for great speakers. Here are some ways to upgrade your TV audio, short of wearing Bluetooth headphones. Do you go with the convenience and affordability of a sound bar or quality and expense of a dedicated multispeaker system? Soundbars simply plug in and reroute your sound from the TV via a single plug-in cable. They can also stream music from your phone or voice assistant, like Alexa or Google Assistant.

But if you’re looking for the immersive experience of surround sound, you may want to plug into a speaker system with separate speakers wired into each room. If you’re longing to hear theater-quality sound, add an AV receiver to coordinate multiple speakers.

Lastly, create a plan for a sound solution prior to bringing your new TV home. If you want your TV wall mounted, you may want to consider having both sound and TV professionally installed. Decide how much you want to spend, and where you want your new devices installed.

Contact TN Security. We’ll do a free audio consultation not only your new TV installation, but your entire house. Ask about our wall-mounted installation specials.

Audio and TV in the News:
4K TV is coming to your phone, ringing in the new era of free broadcast TV. For the past two years broadcasters have been working on ATSC 3.0 next-generation broadcast standard. The format supports 4K, 3D, UHD, and high-quality audio, which will hopefully help 4K supersede HDTV. Like traditional broadcast TV, ATSC 3.0, also called Immersive Audio, works over the air, but it also works in tandem with internet connections (including mobile connections, like 5G) to create a broadcast/broadband hybrid stream. Stay tuned!