Elevate Your Security: Resideo ProA7Plus Security Panel

In the dynamic landscape of home and business security, the Resideo ProA7Plus emerges as a game-changer. Tailored for professional installations and upgrades, this All-in-One Security Panel seamlessly combines innovation, scalability, and convenience, redefining the way we approach safety in our living and working spaces.

The Smart Hub for Security:

The Resideo ProA7Plus is more than a security system; it’s a sophisticated hub designed to integrate seamlessly into modern lifestyles. With a brilliant 7″ color touchscreen display, it serves as a centralized command center for your security needs, providing intuitive controls and real-time information.

Amazon Alexa Integration:

Step into the future of smart living with Amazon Alexa voice control integration. The ProA7Plus effortlessly syncs with Alexa, offering a hands-free approach to managing your security system. Voice commands become a powerful tool in your quest for a safer and more convenient environment.

Bluetooth Disarming and Sound Control:

Security meets convenience with Bluetooth disarming. The ProA7Plus allows for secure and effortless disarming through Bluetooth connectivity, adding a layer of accessibility for authorized users. Moreover, with a built-in speaker and an 85 dB sounder, it ensures that every alert is heard and acknowledged.

Visual Verification with Built-in Camera:

Gain an extra layer of assurance with the ProA7Plus’s built-in camera. This innovative feature captures images of whoever disarms the system, providing visual verification. The images are swiftly transmitted to the end-user’s cell phone, ensuring you’re always in the know about who accessed your property.

MotionViewer® Support:

Enhance your security arsenal with MotionViewer® Support. The ProA7Plus is designed to seamlessly integrate with MotionViewer® devices, adding another dimension to your surveillance capabilities. Stay ahead of potential threats with advanced motion detection and response.

Scalability for Homes and Businesses:

Whether safeguarding your residence or business, the ProA7Plus is highly scalable. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for professional installations, accommodating the evolving security needs of diverse environments.

Peace of Mind in Every Feature:

Beyond its technical prowess, the Resideo ProA7Plus is designed to provide peace of mind. Its comprehensive features, from Bluetooth disarming to visual verification, create a security ecosystem that adapts to your lifestyle, ensuring you’re in control and confident in your safety measures.


Investing in the Resideo ProA7Plus isn’t just a security upgrade; it’s a commitment to a smarter, more responsive, and user-friendly approach to safeguarding what matters most. From the seamless integration of Amazon Alexa to the innovative visual verification features, this All-in-One Security Panel redefines what consumers can expect from their security systems, elevating protection to a new standard of excellence.

Ed Nuttall