High-Quality Sound for Your Home

A fixture of American living rooms in the 1950s was the record player with a mono or one-channel sound system. Stereo was marketed in the 1960s as the latest technological advancement, bringing sophisticated two-channel sound to the masses. Stereo sound became common in entertainment systems such as broadcast radio, TV, recorded music, and cinema. The rise of home theater products in the late 1980s brought multi-channel audio or surround-sound systems into popularity. With the advent of affordable large screen TVs at the turn of this century, consumers wanted an equally stunning 3D audio experience to match their vividly beautiful picture.

Team Nutz understands the importance you place on a realistic audio. Whether you’re watching your favorite cooking channel, streaming a movie or playing a video game, you want to complement that experience with great sound. Do you want a traditional 5.1 system with three front speakers, subwoofer, and two side speakers for a beautiful surround sound, or a 7.1 system with two more speakers? There are so many head-spinning options based on the size of your room and TV.

That’s where Team Nutz comes in. We help you not only choose the right home theater or sound bar system paired with your home assistant, we also install it.

Call us today at 412-967-0467 about sound systems that will dramatically improve your viewing pleasure. Inquire about our whole house audio, too!

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