Sunscreen for Your Home and Car, Plus High-Tech Party Ideas

During the warm months, window tint films reduce the solar heat gain up to 80 percent at the glass, especially on east- and west-facing windows, keeping your house cool and minimizing summer utility bills. Residential window tint films also eliminate the chance that your furnishings, window coverings and paintings will fade or discolor from sun damage by blocking up to 99 percent of UV rays. Decorative window tint films in reflective, etched and frosted patterns increase your privacy with all of the energy-saving benefits.

Window tinting films can also be added to commercial buildings and all vehicles (reducing interior heat by 60 percent).

Yes, you can do it yourself but professional window tint installers, like T.N. Security, use of experienced hand cutting to ensure the right fit, professional-grade materials, and tools that don’t result in streaks and bubbles. What’s more, T.N. Security offers a lifetime guarantee.

During the month of July, when the sun is high in the sky, get 20% off residential and commercial window tint film installation. Contact us.

Get the Party Going

Host a High-Tech Summer Party with Smart Home Solutions

by Global Mansion

T.N. Security is your source for outdoor wireless speakers like the Bose® Free Space® 51 speakers for 360o coverage anywhere outdoors. Engineered to withstand margaritas, cannonballs and summer sun (plus snow and ice…but who’s thinking about that now), Free Space 51 offers the widest speaker coverage Bose has to offer. What’s more, they can be easily installed in-ground or on a hard surface and are nicely disguised in your landscaping. During July, get 10% off a Bose Free Space 51 purchase.

T.N. Security has whole-house smart solutions that will make your home an entertainment hub for family and friends with wireless and wired products. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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