What Is The Difference Between Window Tinting And Window Film?

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Window tinting and window film are often used interchangeably. Window tints are window films, but not all window films are window tints. Window films are thin polyester sheets with adhesive on one side, multiple layers designed to filter the sun’s rays, and can be, but are not always, tinted.

What Is Window Film, And How Does It Work?

Window film is thin sheets of polyester in varying amounts of layers and coatings designed to adhere to glass surfaces such as the inside of car windows, house windows, or business windows in order to regulate the amount of UV rays, heat, or light that makes its way through the glass to the other side.

Window film that is not tinted still has many benefits. Untinted window film does not do much to block natural light since it is transparent and does not absorb or reflect a lot of incoming sunlight. Untinted window film can still reduce a small amount of glare, but not nearly as much as tinted window film.

It can, however, with the right layers, block up to 99% of UV rays from damaging your floors, walls, or furniture and reduce the amount of heat that passes through your windows. This makes it a popular choice among homeowners in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

What Is Untinted Window Film Good For?

Window film that is not tinted can still reduce your heating and cooling bills significantly. According to the U.S Department of Energy, generally speaking, a third of the energy cost of cooling your building comes from the sun’s heat coming through the windows. By having your windows tinted, you can significantly lower your energy bill.

Homeowners often choose non-tinted window films because it does not change the exterior look of the house, and it can also affect visibility when you are looking out your windows into your yard. These are all great reasons why the untinted film is great for residential window film applications.

You can also have untinted security film installed on your home or business to give your windows an added layer of protection against shattering. This can make them excellent protection against breaking and entering, as well as earthquakes or the neighbor being irresponsible with a baseball.

Security window film is thicker, as it is comprised of more layers of polyester, and can be anywhere from 4 to 15 mil thick. It has UV-ray protective qualities as well and can also be tinted.

What is Tinted Window Film, And How Does It Work?

Window tinting is the application of polyester film with colored layers to windows, usually for privacy but also to reduce UV rays and heat like its untinted counterpart with the addition of superior glare reduction. The tinting film is usually a dark shade, which can vary in darkness depending on the needs of the customer. The darker the window tint film, the greater amount of solar rays that will be absorbed and reflected, as opposed to passing through to the other side of the window.

Mirror window tinting is also an option to provide greater privacy through a complete lack of visibility into your window from the outside, and it also reflects more light. There are some drawbacks to mirror window tint on the external-facing glass if it is used residentially. It can be aesthetically unappealing since it is so much shinier than the rest of your house, and it can cause an awful glare and frustrate neighbors if it is used residentially. For commercial window tinting, there are fewer drawbacks, and it can set your building apart from the rest and provide increased privacy for your employees.

Window tinting is most commonly used on car windows, as it can provide privacy and security from thieves looking inside the car, and it can also reduce the amount of heat that enters the car, making it more comfortable to drive in the summer months. Window tinting is not as popular for homes and businesses as it is for cars, but it still offers similar benefits in terms of privacy, security, and solar ray-filtering and is increasing in popularity year over year, particularly in affluent areas.

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