Caring For Window Tint or Security Film

woman cleaning window film on windows

Once window film is applied to your windows, you need to care for your windows properly to keep the window film looking its best. At TN Security, your window film experts have put together our top tips for window film care.

It is important to remember that it takes several days for your window film, whether it is security window film, or window tint film, to cure. They may appear foggy or streaked. Once they are fully cured, the moisture will have evaporated, and they should be crystal clear. Until then, you will want to refrain from touching them. After your window film has cured, it can be regularly cleaned without a problem. In fact, cleaning windows that have tinted or security film installed on them is important.

Cleaning Your Window Film

Window films require periodic cleaning to keep them looking their best and maintain clear visibility, though since they are arguably less porous than the glass they are applied on, you will not use to clean them as often. Use a soft cloth and warm water or mild soap like dishwashing detergent to clean the film on the window’s surface, then wipe dry immediately with a clean, lint-free cloth, so you don’t leave behind any cloth pills.

It is essential to avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or sponges, which can damage the film over time. We recommend using over-the-counter window cleaners or specialty window film cleaners that have a silicone cleaner compound. Avoid anything that has ammonia in it, as this can also damage the film.

Do Not Scrape Your Windows

Don’t use razor blades or scrapers to remove dirt from your window films. These tools may scratch and damage the film, making it difficult to clean properly in the future. Avoid touching your window films with sharp objects or fingernails, as these can cause scratches on the film.

If you have a spot that is tough to get off the window, you can use pure rubbing alcohol and a cotton cloth. This will help dissolve smudges or fingerprints. For sticky adhesive residue, you can use a small amount of acetone with a soft lint-free cloth.

Open and Close Your Windows Carefully

If you have security films installed, be careful when opening and closing your windows to prevent any damage to the film. Opening or closing windows too roughly or quickly can lead to scratches in the film.

Polish Your Window Film Annually

Once a year, to keep your windows shiny and clean, you can apply silicone polish. This polish also can minimize scratches on your window tint film or security film. One day out of 365 is not that much of a sacrifice to keep your window film sparkling and get more life out of the window film itself. If you have a smaller business, it will be more manageable. There are some businesses we recommend window film for. These businesses also would practically benefit from having clean and polished window film more so than an office building.

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Following these tips for caring for your windows that have security film or tinted film applied to them will help keep them looking great and lasting longer. With proper care, you can enjoy all the benefits of window films without having to worry about damage or fading.

If you are interested in window tint or security film, for your home or business, the experts at TN Security today to learn more!

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