Home Safety & Security Tips for Winter

Winter Security Tips

Colder months bring about more than threats of winter snow and freezing temperatures. This time of year is also known for being on of the seasons of heavier threats. From burglary to winter weather, this time of year offers many dangers. At TN Security, we care that you and your family are safe, secure, and prepared for winter. Make sure you consider these home security and safety tips this cold season.

Home security tips to enhance winter home security

Don’t check in or reveal your location on social media

Many people that don’t have security systems installed do a really bad mistake and share photos or do check-ins on social media with their location. Burglars that plan to invade your house probably know you and your assets and when they see that you are not home, they can plan and implement their theft.

Clear Snow and Ice Covered Pathways

From your driveway, to your sidewalk and other pathways, snow is a fluffy threat of slippery instances waiting to happen. Be sure to clear these walking and driving areas of snow, as well as take care of the ice beneath it. Evenly spreading road salt along these areas, after snow blowing or shoveling away snow. This will allow the ice to melt, without instantly re-freezing. Consistently maintaining this snow removal, salt laying process will greatly increase the safety of getting around outside in Pittsburgh’s winter season.

Install or Update Home Security Systems

Since many homeowners are away visiting family, stocking up on holiday gifts, or heading off to bed early as nightfall lasts longer, people are also getting robbed more often. And homes without security systems set up are three times more likely to be intruded upon. Installing a security system in your home will immensely increase the overall security of your home. If you already have a security system installed, upgrading the system to the latest version will provide even more peace of mind that your home is break-in-proof and fully secure.

Replace Your Home’s Old Windows

As well as installing and replacing your home’s security system, having new, stronger windows installed make it much more difficult for thieves to get through. New windows are good for keeping burgers and winter coldness out, while keeping your home safe and warm. At TN Security, we even offer UV/storm safety window film to make your new windows even more secure.

Contact our reliable team at TN Security of Pittsburgh for more information on how to keep your family and home safe, all winter long. Whether you are seeking services from video surveillance to storm safety window film we can help with all of your home security needs. Call now for more information on home safety during colder seasons, and security installation consultations.

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