How Security Window Film Makes Your Building Safer

tinted security window film on a commercial buildings doors
Security Window film can serve as an effective deterrent against burglaries, break-ins, and other forms of crime by making it more difficult to enter your home or business. Window film is a crucial part of your security system, in addition to alarms and cameras.

Where Should Safety and Security Window Film Be Installed?

Safety and security window film should be installed on any glass doors or windows that are considered vulnerable—such as those on the ground floor, near alleyways, or other areas that may be easily accessed by intruders. Installing this film will help make it more difficult to break through the glass while also providing a visual deterrent.

Security Window Film Holds Broken Glass in Place And Hinders Forced Entry

Security window film whether it is tinted or not is designed to hold shattered glass in place, making it more difficult for a burglar to gain entry while also causing it to break more safely in the event of an accident or severe weather rather than shattering into tiny pieces.
Window film acts as a formidable barrier between the outside world and the inside of your building. If you have tinted security film installed, this can aid in reducing visibility into your property, hindering forced entry, and providing infrared rejections that help cool down the interior and reduce energy costs.
In addition, the right window film can provide added protection against UV rays, reduce glare and heat, and protect your furniture from fading.
When applied correctly, tinted security window film can help keep your property safe and sound while also providing cost savings. With so many benefits to gain, it is no wonder why window film has become a popular choice for windows on homes and businesses alike.

Security Window Film Helps You Meet Tempered Glass Codes

There are certain scenarios where you must have tempered glass on the windows your commercial property. Learn about some of the places tempered glass is required, and how security window film can help you comply with these codes.

Can I Install My Own Window Film?

Installing window film can be difficult without the proper knowledge and equipment. If you are uncertain about the process, you should consult with an experienced installer before beginning. The team at TN Security has all the tools and experience needed to install your window film so it looks great and functions correctly!

With the proper installation, you can ensure your home or business has an added layer of protection from any outside threats. Furthermore, window security film helps increase your building’s privacy and comfort.

So, don’t wait – get the protection and peace of mind you deserve by adding safety and security window film today! Contact TN Security to get started with your security film installation!

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