Commercial Window Tint Film Saves Energy Cost

Arched Window With Commercial Window Tint

The sun provides many benefits to the earth and its inhabitants. From natural light and warmth to helping plants grow or even giving you a mood boost when you go outside! We are even seeing a rise in residential and commercial solar panels to generate clean energy and offset your energy bill.

Whether you are using solar panels to lower your energy bill or not, commercial window tint film can help lower your commercial building’s energy costs.

According to the U.S Department of Energy, generally speaking, a third of the energy cost of cooling your building comes from the sun’s heat coming through windows that are not tinted.

How Commercial Window Tint Film Reduces Energy Costs

Commercial window film can lower that number significantly. Yes, there is a bit of an upfront cost, but in the long run, it will save you money on your energy bill.

Simply put, installing commercial window tint film can save you money on your energy bill since it is a selectively permeable layer that blocks the wavelengths that create heat while still allowing some natural light to pass through.

You are not only gaining privacy from the passerby but from a surplus of heat. There are many options to choose from when expanding your climate control through window film, and not all are created equally.

Johnson Window Films, for example, has an impressive array of window films with different levels of heat, glare, and UV rejection that you can choose to have a qualified window tint installer apply to the windows on your commercial building.

The Window Tint That Blocks The Most Heat

Johnson Window Film’s most effective heat-blocking window film blocks up to 82% of the sun’s heat from coming through your windows. This means your building’s HVAC system does not need to work as hard, and you don’t need to pay it overtime. This is the most effective heat rejection film available.

This same window tint film also reduces glare by 91% and blocks UV rays by 99%.

This film is also guaranteed by Johnson Window Films not to fade or change color, protecting your energy savings investment.

How Saving Energy Costs Can Benefit Your Company

You might be thinking that the answer is in the question, and you would be partially right.

Redirect Spending To Production

As discussed earlier, an approximation of 1/3 of your cooling energy costs comes from unchecked heat from the sun getting through your windows.

If you have a larger building with lots of windows, this 33% is going to be a larger number than if you are a smaller local corner shop. Instead of spending that money on your daily battle with the sun year after year, a one-time investment in window film can free up money in the following years to put back into your product or your employees.

LEED Certification

If your company is getting commercial window tinting installed, you may be eligible for points that contribute to your LEED certification. This scoring system and certificate demonstrate that your company’s building is sustainable and green. This is a controversial topic that some see in a negative light, but if you are meeting the criteria for other reasons, every accolade that you can get to make your business stand out can help generate revenue. Why not appeal to audiences that value sustainability, and lower your energy bills at the same time?

Additional Benefits of Commercial Window Tint

TN Security has more information about the benefits of commercial window film, aside from energy savings. Check it out!

Commercial Window Tint Film Installation

T.N Security has been installing window film for 20+ years and proudly installs Johnson Window Films and 3M  Window Films as an authorized dealer, and can recommend the best tint based on your building’s sun exposure. Work with T.N Security to lower your energy bill through commercial window tint installation. Call us today, or fill out a form on our website!


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