What to Expect with a Home Video Security System

Video Security for Your Home

Video security systems are effective home security options, but all video surveillance is neither completely fool-proof nor is all video equipment meant for superb security. This is why it is important to understand the limits and realistic expectations of video surveillance. At TN Security Systems, we offer the best of Honeywell video surveillance parts and services, so that you can keep your home secure.

Realistic & Humble Home Security Expectations

The absolute best home video security system will still not be at the level of security that is commonly shown in movies or television shows. Don’t feel bad. Some well-funded police departments do not even have access to these glorified surveillance techniques. This does not mean your home video surveillance is unreliable; it simply means that commercial surveillance is a bit more humble. Catching a neighborhood thief requires less in-depth equipment and software than catching world-wide criminals.

Research Features & Prices Best Fit for Your Home

Setting up your home with a video surveillance security system requires a bit of planning beforehand. Analyze what parts of your home need surveyed—such as entry ways—so you can outline how many of what camera type that you need. Once you know the extent of home video security systems, you can begin searching for specific surveillance features and prices that meet your home’s requirements. But be wary of video bundles, wireless features, and hidden videography.

Bundled surveillance systems are not often of the best quality, no matter the price. Often times these bundles do not work with existing security systems, and are not reliable enough to be used alone. Wireless features are also commonly misconstrued. Wireless does not mean that there are no wires involved with installation, there are just fewer of them (video cameras, no matter the kind, still need a power cable). The legalities with hidden cameras are extensive, so understanding them is crucial to transforming your video surveillance into usable evidence.

At TN Security Systems, we provide Pittsburgh homes with video security systems for complete surveillance protection. Combined with our other security services, our skilled team is able to make your home as safe as technologically possible. And with so many colors, image qualities, camera types and video styles to choose from, your home video security system can be as unique as your home. Contact us today for more information on security systems or to schedule a consultation now!

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