Privacy On Demand: Sat Hello to Electric Frost Window Film

In a world where privacy and convenience go hand in hand, TN Security introduces the revolutionary Electric Frost Window Film. Elevate your space, whether it’s your office or storefront, by seamlessly integrating smart technology with your view, providing a unique blend of control, clarity, and comfort.

Control Your Privacy with Ease:

TN Security’s Electric Frost Window Film is designed to put privacy at your fingertips. With the simple flip of a switch or the push of a button, you have the power to control the level of privacy in your space, offering a tailored experience that adapts to your needs.

Optically Clear When On

Experience the best of both worlds. When the Electric Frost window film is on, it boasts an impressive 80% optical clarity. This means you can enjoy the breathtaking view outside without compromising your need for discretion. Let natural light flood your space without sacrificing privacy.

Frosted When Off:

When it’s time to retreat into your private sanctuary, TN Security’s Electric Frost window film transforms to a frosted stage when turned off. This frosted effect creates a barrier that is not only visually appealing but also ensures your space remains shielded from prying eyes, giving you privacy on demand.

Applies to Any Smooth Glass Surface:

Versatility is key, and Electric Frost doesn’t disappoint. This innovative window film is applicable to any new or existing smooth glass surface. The installation process is akin to applying a screen protector, ensuring a seamless fit that requires the expert touch of TN Security’s trusted team.

Expert Installation by TN Security:

Your privacy deserves precision, and that’s exactly what TN Security promises. The installation of Electric Frost Window Film is a delicate process that demands experience and care. Trust our seasoned professionals to bring this cutting-edge technology to your space, ensuring a flawless application that stands the test of time.

Say goodbye to the trade-off between transparency and privacy. With TN Security’s Electric Frost Window Film, you’re in command. Enjoy the clarity of an 80% optically clear view or revel in the tranquility of a frosted sanctuary – all with the effortless control of a switch. Elevate your space with the future of privacy solutions, brought to you by the trusted experts at TN Security.

Professional Window Film Installation at TN Security

At TN Security, we offer professional window film installation services to ensure your Electric Frost window film is installed correctly. Our experienced team will make sure that the window film is securely applied and made to last over time.

If you’re interested in having the Electric Frost window film installed on your windows, contact TN Security today!

Electric Frost Window Film


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