Flat Glass Tinting vs. Automotive Tinting

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When considering tinting for your car or home, it’s essential to understand the difference between automotive tint and flat glass tinting while researching your options. At TN Security, we’ve put together a guide on flat glass and automotive tinting to help you make an informed decision!

What is Flat Glass Tinting?

Flat glass tinting involves applying an adhesive film to a building’s window. This tinting technique is used in residential and commercial building window tinting applications. This technique is used most often on office buildings and other commercial properties but residential window tinting is becoming more and more common for homes in and around Pittsburgh. Flat glass tinting on buildings unlike its automotive counterpart has no limit on opacity or mirrored window tint.

Flat glass tinting is a great way to protect your family or employees from harmful UV rays and annoying sun glare without the need for replacing the glass. Window tints also help you reduce energy costs, keeping the heat out in the summer and the warmth in winter. This protection also prevents damage to your furniture and flooring.

What is Automotive Tinting?

In contrast, automotive tints are designed specifically for vehicle windows and provide protection against heat and UV rays. Automotive tints are usually made with various metals and dyes to block out harmful rays and reduce heat build-up inside the car. Automotive tints come in various shades, from dark black to light green and even clear film though the clear film is mainly seen on residential window tinting applications.

Since this type of window tinting is heat shrinkable, it can be applied to curved glass surfaces on vehicles, unlike flat glass tinting. You cannot apply automotive window tint film to the flat glass on commercial buildings. There are laws on automotive tinting that restrict the darkness and reflective properties of the tint. These can vary by state.

Window Tinting Services: Should I Use a Professional?

For the best results, it is recommended that you use a professional window tinting service. A professional will have the tools and knowledge needed to install your window tint. Doing it yourself can result in a messy install and the decision to hire a professional that you didn’t budget for if you choose an inferior film from a DIY kit, or leave bubbles.

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