Skip the Oversized $8 Candy Bar & Watch a Movie at Home Tonight

According to a recent Harris poll, 57 percent of Americans would prefer to watch movies at home, while 21 percent said they like to go the theater. On reasons why they liked going out to a movie, 58 percent selected sound and picture quality on the big screen, while 45 percent said a brief respite from everyday life. And the worst aspects of cinema going? 62 percent said high concession prices, while 56 percent hated rude moviegoers.

Here’s how the Harris poll says Americans watch movies at home: 60 percent said they usually watch movies on TV, 47 percent rented DVDs, 37 percent Blu-rays, 32 percent watched on-demand as part of a cable or satellite subscription, 31 percent said they used subscription streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, and 28 percent used their DVR. Turn to TN Security to enhance your home TV experience. We offer a wide variety of products and services that are essential to your viewing pleasure. See us at Booth 3433 at 2017 Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show, March 10-19, David L. Lawrence Convention Center, and learn more about our “Outdoor Garden Speaker” special, and home audio and security systems solutions. For more information, contact us today!

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