Meet the Yale Pro 2

Meet the Yale Pro 2, The Ultimate Smart Lock for Commercial and Residential Properties

Door locks are imperative to security for both residential and commercial buildings, though they can offer far more than safeguarding a space. They greet tenants as they start and end their day and help share access to their homes with loved ones, all while protecting the things that matter most. However, physical keys can create security challenges when misplaced, and the cost of re-keying doors during resident changeover can add up quickly. Enter: the Yale Pro 2.

Yale Pro 2

To streamline access management and improve building security, a smart lock that provides multiple methods of entry and security measures is necessary. Yale Home has been a trusted name in home security for over a century and is eager to announce its newest smart lock line, the Yale Pro 2, which is designed with property managers in mind. As its first pro launch since Yale Pro SL, Yale Home’s latest smart lock offers increased smart home and alarm system flexibility and improved safety features, like a 90-minute fire rating, to create a connected access management system.

Yale Pro 2 has an intuitive design that allows users to unlock the door using a custom entry code or their smartphone, and it supports technologies like Bluetooth, Z-Wave (500 series), and Wi-Fi. Auto-Lock ensures the door is secured each time someone exits to reduce the chance of break-ins, and a Tamper Alarm will sound if someone tries to remove Yale Pro 2 from the door. It also has a fuss-free installation process that replaces your deadbolt with just a screwdriver to make upgrading your customer’s property as easy as possible.

Features of the smart lock include:

  • 90-minute fire warning: Yale Pro 2 offers an improved fire warning of 90 minutes to ensure your customer’s commercial or residential building is up to code.
  • Tamper alarm: In case someone tries to enter by pulling Yale Pro 2 off the door, a Tamper Alarm will sound and send a real-time alert so you can stay in the know.
  • Key-free design:  Key-free design options remove the possibility of bump-and-pick break-ins to improve the security of your customers’ property. For those who prefer to have a back-up method of entry, keyed models are available.
  • Auto-Lock with DoorSense: In the case of forgetful tenants, Auto-Lock can be enabled on Yale Pro 2 to ensure the door fully secures after it has been closed based on a time interval you can configure.
  • Never get locked out: Hold up a 9V battery to your lock’s battery terminal to gain entry in case the batteries die before they are replaced.
  • Effortless installation: Yale Pro 2 replaces the existing deadbolt with just a screwdriver for a simple installation process.
  • Secure entry codes: Eliminate the risk of spare keys floating around your customers’ building or the hassle of creating key copies. Through Yale Pro 2’s keypad, the Yale Access app, or a Z-Wave partner app, you can create secure entry codes for guests and residents to use as a more secure alternative, and revoke access just as easily in the case of tenant changeover.
  • Security that lasts: Yale Pro 2 is ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 certified, 90 min fire rated and IPX5 rated to ensure its durability while safeguarding your customer’s building.

Yale Pro 2 with Z-Wave Convenient Smart Lock Features

Control from your smart home app of choice:
Yale Pro 2 integrates with Z-Wave (500 series), allowing for door control through compatible smart home apps.

  • Easier smart home automations: Create a more connected experience by automating compatible smart home devices with Yale Pro 2 through the Z-Wave partner app.
  • One-touch enrollment: Z-Wave is built into the lock which allows for a one-touch enrollment process to integrate with compatible smart home and alarm systems.

Yale Pro 2 With Wi-Fi Security/Safety Smart Lock Features

  • Auto-Unlock:  Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies, Yale Pro 2 can detect when lock owners have returned home to unlock the door as they approach. No more fumbling for keys at the door.
  • Activity feed:  Keep tabs on who comes and goes and verify Yale Pro 2’s lock status at any time by viewing the 24/7 activity feed in the Yale Access app.  Enable Smart Alerts to get real-time notifications when the lock is unlocked, locked or operated by a specific user, and see them all in the activity feed.
  • Remote access: Grant access to guests, tenants or employees from anywhere by using the Yale Access app on a smartphone instead of running to the door to let someone in.
  • Upgrade when you’re ready: Technology is constantly changing, so Yale Pro 2 uses innovative smart modules to bring Wi-Fi connectivity to your smart lock.  As protocols evolve, upgrading Yale Pro 2 is as easy as inserting a new smart module into the back of the lock.

Diversity of line-up

No two buildings have the exact same access needs. Yale Pro 2 was designed with versatility in mind to work seamlessly with existing property management protocols. Choose between Bluetooth-only, Wi-Fi or Z-Wave (500 series) enabled lock to integrate with your current smart home or alarm system, and opt for a keypad or touchscreen interface on your lock’s keypad. Keyed and key-free models give you the option to choose the form of entry that’s most compatible with your property without sacrificing convenience.


Access management systems are constantly evolving. The new Yale Pro 2 provides a smart lock solution that works effortlessly with your customer’s current system to optimize the roles of property managers and the routines of residents. Using the latest in smart lock technology, Yale Pro 2 integrates in one step with your customer’s existing compatible smart home and alarm system and eliminates the daily hassles, security risks, and expenses caused by keys. Since 1840, Yale has succeeded in creating top-level door locks that protect homes, valuables, and businesses around the world and continues to be a trusted name in home security.

Ed Nuttall