The Brave New World of IoT

Internet of Things is a web of sensors, networks, and services that will connect everyday objects from your refrigerator to your toilet seat to your security system. You can have a smarter house that takes your commands and sends you alerts.

Home security apps on your smartphone now make it easy to open/close locks, turn on/off lights, activate/deactivate alarms and see real-time images from security cameras. Your air conditioning can be zoned when people are in the room only. Your thermostat can be connected to a weather service that automatically sends data to your thermostat to heat or cool your home. Your refrigerator can make up a shopping list. You can remotely control all of your appliances – how about making your morning toast while you’re in the shower? Soon you’ll have your self-driving car in your driveway, which will pinpoint the location of potholes and report them to the roads department. If you’d like more information on how TN Security can make your home smarter, contact us now.

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