The Best Surveillance Cameras for Home and Office

Whether it’s a hardwired CCTV or IP-based camera security system, there are lots of cost and convenience options, including mobile camera security apps that interface for real-time views anywhere in the world. These cameras can be also part of your smart home automation strategy, which uses IoT technology to control appliances, lighting, heating, TVs, and more, and allows them to communicate with each other through a smartphone or a laptop.

A CCTV or closed-circuit television surveillance system is the OG of the security world. Its video feed is transmitted to an internal monitoring screen or is recorded on a DVR. If the DVR is connected to the internet, remote viewing of video footage may also be available.

IP or internet protocol cameras are wired or wireless digital video cameras that transmit the video feed via a computer network. IP systems offer better picture quality and the ability to add more cameras to the system. IP cameras can also be used in conjunction with CCTV systems to cover blind spots or used as hidden cameras.

TN Security can make expert recommendations during a free in-home consultation. We help you determine how many cameras, locations, styles, installation points and more. Attached to these systems can be smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, keypads, video displays, and motion or sensor detectors.

We can also integrate audio and TV for a complete smart home solution. Plus, we offer our no-contract month-to-month monitoring program overseen by a Five Diamond Certified and FDNY-approved monitoring center. Wow! There’s a lot to consider when you want to keep you family and business safe. Schedule your free in-home consultation now.

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