Upgrading to High Def TV & Surround Sound Puts a Different Kind of Crisp into Fall

Take a break from raking leaves, and from enjoying apple crisp and other fall treats by upgrading your home entertainment experience to include HDTV or UHD and surround sound. Whether you’re watching your favorite teams or your favorite shows, the surround sound experience, including life-like images from one of the latest TVs, can make the cider, popcorn and caramel apples taste better.

The natural tendency is to get the biggest TV you can afford. Depending upon the size of your room, you may want to reconsider. To determine whether a TV is right for your space, use this simple formula:

Multiply the TV’s diagonal width (in inches) by 0.10 to get the ideal viewing distance.

For example, if you have a 52-inch TV, you would need to be sitting at least 5.2 ft. away. It’s an important consideration if you have a small living room, family room or den.

Because modern TVs aren’t as bulky as older ones, your replacement unit can be larger than the one you’re retiring.

As for audio, the thin flat panel that comes with most TVs gives you basic sound, so you may want to enhance sound quality by adding external speakers. We carry all the top brands, including Fluance, Klipsch, Onkyo and Yamaha.

With so many choices, cut through the confusion and come to us for expert advice, and the best systems and equipment.

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